About me

I'm Marina

An intuitive abstract-realism artist in Wageningen. I use mixed media to create unique and spiritual paintings with strong symbolism.

An artist to the bone

I grew up in Athens, Greece and I was painting from a young age. I remember getting back from school and spending hours painting in my room. After high school, I decided to study Biology, as I always had a big love for nature. However, art was always haunting me no matter what I did, and I knew it was my true purpose in life.

After graduating, I decided to pursue my dream and enrolled in the mastery program by the Milan Art Institute to further expand my art skills. I also took a leap of faith and moved to the Netherlands, because it was always a dream of mine to leave abroad and travel.

My paintings are powerful and bold, they are all about freedom and exploration. My art process is intuitive and fast, I like to work with various media and explore different ways to add marks and textures.

Art has liberated me and transformed me into the person I always dreamt of becoming. Since realising the power of it, I have decided to share it with others and help them find freedom. I create for all the dreamers, the rebels and seekers of the world who want to follow their own path and live authentically!

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